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What “Watching TV” means today

A significant audience has moved away from scheduled television (whether broadcast or cable delivery) to “demand” entertainment.? Mass media has detailed, in recent months,? the cost savings that could be realized from turning off cable TV subscriptions and relying on streaming or “on demand” models.??? Literally hundreds of blogs have followed suit,? by showing how it’s possible to create a completely customized menu of video programming choices,? pulling from many feeds.? These might include:? YouTube,? blogs,? pay per view streaming channels,? services such as NetFlix on Demand and others,? peer to peer networks,? etc.??? Although still in its infancy in terms of market size,? this scenario presents a number of opportunities for content producers as well as important lessons.?? It doesn’t appear that a measurement apparatus for this kind of programming consumption exists at present,? there isn’t a developed value-added delivery mechanism (personalized, dynamic targeting with a dose of collaborative filtering could fit the bill….) and it isn’t clear whether this DIY version of “TV” is a blip in the current media anarchy or a longer term environment.?? What do you think?

A recent study? (Say Media ) released its? “Off The Grid” study today? and claims that overall, we are consuming less live programming and more streaming and on-demand TV.?? The segments described are as follows:

34 million are Opt-Outs.
22 million are On-Demanders.