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Public Broadcasting in a Cart

Posted by on Oct 20, 2006 in Blog, Emerging Science and Technology, TechnoActivism, Technology and Art | Comments Off on Public Broadcasting in a Cart

Ricardo Miranda Z??iga, instructor of Digital Arts at College of New Jersey, introduces recent immigrants to his Public Broadcast Cart. It is a shopping cart outfitted with all the technical ingredients that enables any pedestrian to become an active producer of an audio broadcast. The audio stream is available to anyone online and simultaneously transmitted via speakers, making the cart a temporary soap box for willing participants.

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Mobile Performance Group

Posted by on Oct 20, 2006 in Blog, Emerging Science and Technology, TechnoActivism, Technology and Art | Comments Off on Mobile Performance Group

The Mobile Performance Group,? founded by Matt Roberts, is a collective of new media artists interested in finding new ways to present art outside of traditional venues. MPG disseminates their work by using automobiles, video projection, cell phones, FM transmission, wireless hotspots, and any other technologies that allow artist to engage the public.

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ParaSite Shelter

Posted by on Oct 1, 2006 in Blog, Emerging Science and Technology, TechnoActivism | Comments Off on ParaSite Shelter

American artist Michael Rakowitz’s paraSITE project proposed to take advantage of the exterior ventilation systems on existing architecture to give the homeless a temporary shelter,? and to serve as protest against the government’s unwillingness to solve the homeless problem in its cities.

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The Critical Browser

Posted by on Aug 8, 2006 in Blog, TechnoActivism, Technology and Art | Comments Off on The Critical Browser

Ever feel like talking back to a website?? Then the Critical Browser is for you!

With this tool, you can contextualize your surfing by selecting from a variety of slogans, declare your dissent or fidelity by creating a “visual petition,” and?essentially “hijack”??websites to give people a piece of your mind.

Developed by De Geuzen, an art and design collective.

See more at:?

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TED Presentations now online!

Posted by on Aug 8, 2006 in Blog, Emerging Science and Technology, Media and Markets, TechnoActivism | Comments Off on TED Presentations now online!

If you’ve heard of the “TED” conference, the annual Technology, Entertainment and Design extravaganza that draws the stars of the IT firmament,? plus those willing to pay $4500 a ticket?on top of?the airfare to Monterey, California…? you are probably already a technology insider.?? But even insiders might find it difficult to get to TED.?? The conference is known for its futuristic bent,? and for the casual and easy proximity to?business and technology leadership.

TED’s exclusivity is part of the draw.?? Recently, though,? the conference took the welcome step of posting about 15 presentations from 2006. Presenters included Al Gore,? Tony Robbins,?? Nicholas Negroponte,? and NYU’s Jeff Han, whose “interface free” device (pictured above) has been widely discussed.

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Bush to Take Unscripted Audience Questions

Posted by on Apr 4, 2006 in Blog, TechnoActivism | Comments Off on Bush to Take Unscripted Audience Questions

That the Associated Press and New York Times both featured a headline entitled:    "Bush to take unscripted audience questions" merely shows how very far we have come from the journalistic and democratic ideals that many believed to be in operation until this administration took power.   The stories report:   "Bush has been taking questions from audience members in recent speeches, and the White House says none has been prescreened even though the sessions are limited to invited groups."     Of course,  in this case,  Bush is loosening things up so that pre-submission (and screening) of all questions posed to our President won’t be required….   but who gets to ask them is still rigorously controlled.

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