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Anonymous data may still not be anonymous enough

AnonymousdataIt’s already happened several times before, yet still another series of incidents has been released in which individuals connected to “anonymous” or “anonymized” data were ultimately identified by researchers .

This time, data scientists analyzed credit card transactions made by 1.1million people in thousands of stores over 90 days. The data set contained fields such as the date of the transaction, amount charged, and the name of the store. Personal details such as names, account numbers, etc. were removed, but the “uniqueness of people’s behavior” still made them identifiable. Just four random pieces of information was enough to re-identify 90% of shoppers in the database and attach them to other identity records. Researchers at MIT Media Lab, authors of the study, concluded that “the old model of anonymity does not seem to be the right model when we are talking about large scale metadata.”

“A data set’s lack of names, home addresses, phone numbers or other obvious identifiers,” they wrote, “does not make it anonymous nor safe to release to the public and to third parties.”

The full study was published in early 2015 in Science.